Do you praise God when your situation is terrible ?

Sunday Gospel of the Paster when I was listening when Paul was in prison he start praising God even his situation was so terrible. He was beaten down and put to prison without any fault. He was beaten to death and wipe because of spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is hard if you are accuse without any fault.

It is hard to praise God when you are press on of false accusation.

It is hard to say God love me when you are in a terrible situation.

It is hard to say praise God when you are deeply wooded.

When i was a little boy i pray for toys


When you where a little boy you pray for more toys to play on. When you have a family you pray you can provide the needs of your family. You wife , son , daughter and your close love once. Love is hard but we have a savior king mighty Jesus who save me from my troubles and worry. From my defeat and sadness. 

Jesus can make my worry into joy.

Jesus can make my fear into confidences.

Jesus can change my poverty into abundances.

Jesus can change my foolishness into kindness and thoughtfulness.