Commitment to follow the mighty jesus


Walking with Jesus is needs commitment to walk in spirit not on our human fresh desire for if we walk in spirit we also reap the fruit of the following which are;  love , kindness , patience , joy , gentleness and all great passive things in life that we could grow. But in the other side if we feeds our human sinful desire we will reap destruction in our spirit this are the following ; hatred , envy , jealousy , lust , backbite and several negative attitudes in our life.


Questions :

It is time to press-on the dreams that God has called you


We always here successful stories but we didn’t know what makes a person successful. It is the time you are loose and defeated the inner person shows the real character. Winning and success always hidden from the great measurement of failures. When great defeat attacks a the inner voices speaks to him to surrender because it is easy. Everybody can easily quit.