Jesus of KINGSJesus is loveJesus is your hope and savior

It is time to press-on the dreams that God has called you


We always here successful stories but we didn’t know what makes a person successful. It is the time you are loose and defeated the inner person shows the real character. Winning and success always hidden from the great measurement of failures. When great defeat attacks a the inner voices speaks to him to surrender because it is easy. Everybody can easily quit.


Why pasters don't want to talk about hell

Optimistic sermon on the pastors are very refreshing and rejuninating into our soul giving us the courage to look forward on our personal goals. But i am sad to know that their is lucking on Pastor Joel he never talks abot the wages on sin is the lake of fire in hell. In the book he wrote optimistic view point in life matters to be successful. But success in life is only temporary ,  our career , family and everything just fade away when we die. The danger zone when person die is going to the lake of  fire and be torture on the lasting fire called woe of hell.


Woe to this ruler who changed wickness into righteouseness and righteousness into wickness

I am sad to hear the law of the wicked in the United States is taking control into wickedness. Gay married are accepted  and become a celebration to the wicked people. The false ruler already taking dominium into distruction to hell.  Woe to this ruler who changed wickness into righteouseness and righteousness into wickness. The distruction of the Lord will hit United States like a roaring thunder and a great collapse  already happend in the spiritual world. We will see it in the physical world as people are becoming corrupted .

No arms no feet yet full of joy and zest in life

Fight the good fight on this world.

This guy has no arms and no feet yet has joy in life. He is a magnet to inspire people that no matter how hard life is Jesus is in control of everything. He has a spiritual gift to inspire people to never discourage and fight the good fight. He has a intimate relationship with the mighty creator for he is hopeless yet Jesus lived in him giving him the fire to overcome the little me in life. As you watch the movie this gives you a reason to lived and a reason the lived with a purpose in life.

The courage to fight loose and disappointment


The courage to fight loose and disappointment is a taught situation and everybody experiences the situation. Most people give up because it is easy. Most people bang and blame for their defeat. Most people has no energy. Most people lost the battle field of war. 



1.) Have you lost your position in the battle field ?

2.) Are you down and you give-up ?

3.) Do you blame when you are lost?