Jesus of KINGSJesus is loveJesus is your hope and savior

Time management for your self-growth in your skills


Time management is really important to grow mentally , spiritually , emotionally , physically and socially. When I was using my PC I was distrusted on other things that give entertainment and excitement feeding my self in time wasted. I was watching in youtube the secret hidden on gold. I wasted my time because my profession was in web-development.

The path of righteousness in walking as a Christian

Reading in the Pslam verse i find great insight that when you fear the Lord you walk in the path of righteousness for the Lord Almighty here the prayer of his sheep. The more you read the bible with daily application the more you strengthen your spiritual power. I also find that when you spend solitude  time with the Lord God will speak into your heart.


Commitment to follow the mighty jesus


Walking with Jesus is needs commitment to walk in spirit not on our human fresh desire for if we walk in spirit we also reap the fruit of the following which are;  love , kindness , patience , joy , gentleness and all great passive things in life that we could grow. But in the other side if we feeds our human sinful desire we will reap destruction in our spirit this are the following ; hatred , envy , jealousy , lust , backbite and several negative attitudes in our life.


Questions :

What are the important wisdom to raise-up your soul in heaven?

This are the following examples:

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Giving
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Joy
  • Peace,
  • Longsuffering
  • Goodness
  • Faith
  • Meekness - humility - getting rid of pride and vanity in our lives
  • Temperance - Which is self-control. If we want to gain control in a certain area, the Holy Spirit is right there to help us be more than a conqueror.


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When i was a little boy i pray for toys


When you where a little boy you pray for more toys to play on. When you have a family you pray you can provide the needs of your family. You wife , son , daughter and your close love once. Love is hard but we have a savior king mighty Jesus who save me from my troubles and worry. From my defeat and sadness. 

Jesus can make my worry into joy.

Jesus can make my fear into confidences.

Jesus can change my poverty into abundances.

Jesus can change my foolishness into kindness and thoughtfulness.

Walk with Jesus in the power of persistence’s.

The power of persistence says the person who continue to practice and never give up wins the battle field. I know it is true because I play tennis. I remember the day that I play tennis the score was 7-2 I make a big lead margin of the game. It was double an exhibition game yet the pressure was on  when our opponent was persistence’s in moving the score into 7-6. It was a big margin that I feel the pressure of defeat. To make the story short they score was tie break.  And with the power of persistence’s I was defeated and was shameful of my defeat.

Most family faces financial problem. Ask Jesus help today.

Sometimes we question God? Where is God? My problem are so big but Jesus is bigger than your problem. Most family faces financial problem. I have seen family broke down because of financial. I also seen churches on financial struggle. I have seen company on financial struggle. I have seen employe on financial struggle.

God is always in us we need a relationship with Jesus Christ. The more you walk with faith and obidiences the more you are moving closer relationship wit Jesus. Jesus is the answer of our problem. Yet are we willing to have a partnership with Jesus ?

Mighty men are the king in the family


The amount of money we earn is the equivalent to the services we give. High quality services are highly demand in the market place. As a husband it is our responsibility to provide the needs for our family. The needs of food shelter , education , health  , love , spiritually and all ingredients to mold a health family. You wife feel stressful when husband cannot meet and provide the basic needs in the family. The defeat in the family is husband defeat because he is the head and the king in the family.