Why pasters don't want to talk about hell

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Optimistic sermon on the pastors are very refreshing and rejuninating into our soul giving us the courage to look forward on our personal goals. But i am sad to know that their is lucking on Pastor Joel he never talks abot the wages on sin is the lake of fire in hell. In the book he wrote optimistic view point in life matters to be successful. But success in life is only temporary ,  our career , family and everything just fade away when we die. The danger zone when person die is going to the lake of  fire and be torture on the lasting fire called woe of hell.


I believed most Pastor don't want to talk about hell because it will decline the church population. The church donation also decline because it is very scary topic to discuss. The fact is most people will go to hell because it is easy and wide road to go. The narrow road only few believerers can go because it requires full dedication of be lead on the holy spirit. It is a burden to know that we can shout and praise the Lord during Church services but the fact is when we are away in the church our satanic culture always lead us to take action because it is our sinful nature. Only the holy spirit of Jesus Christ we can press on and fight the spiritual battle mind , body and soul. Ask Jesus Christ to lead you not on this worldly culture. 

Hell is very real and most people will go to the lake of fire even they go to church because they never accept Jesus Christ in their life. You cannot dance together with Jesus and Satan both of them hated each other. The light is always on light. The darkness is always on darkness. If you are dancing both then your spirit is doubtful  - 50% walking with Jesus and 50% walking with satan never finds an answer and is unstable.

You can say i am sorry a million times and still walking in satanic darkness. This is a great insult to the King Mighty Jesus. If we say i am sorry we must do our best guided by the holy spirit to win in the next battle field in our mind. If we always lost the battle then we are fallen astrey into darkness. The holy spirit will set away from us for the spiritual darkness will take dominant into our heart , mind , body and spirit. We may enjoy for awhile but the path is leading tormented in hell and empty life. We maybe searching for something but cannot find because the heart is already harden.


Hell is very real and most people will go to hell because it is easy wide and accepted to the wordly culture. Real kingdom is letting Jesus lived inside our heart so we can conquere all abstacle and hardship in life.  


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