It is time to press-on the dreams that God has called you

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We always here successful stories but we didn’t know what makes a person successful. It is the time you are loose and defeated the inner person shows the real character. Winning and success always hidden from the great measurement of failures. When great defeat attacks a the inner voices speaks to him to surrender because it is easy. Everybody can easily quit.


When i was watching a movie about the first grade movie it talks about a man who wants to learn he wants to read and write because pen is powerful. Reading is powerful. Writing is powerful. The buttom line why he wants to read is because he does’t believed lier preacher. He wants to read straightly to the bible.


The words of the bibles are powerful yet if we don’t apply them they are just dead fish never norish into our soul. Faith without action is dead .Action without faith is death. The ingrediences to press on the hidden secret of winning is to see the minds eyes.


Winning even we loose hope.

Gaining strength even we are broke.

Pressing on the the dreams of our soul even it is hopeless.

Believing that Jesus in the true king.


Going back to the life of Marugi kenyan who is 84 years old it was not easy for him to face rejection , failture  fustration . A positive man always win even the negative attacks that it can’t be done. Nobody has ever done. Thru our history the molder and changes of life are the passive people who see hope in times of giving up the goals the dreams. As long thier is time to lived i never. never . . . .never give-up.


Marugi has place him self as the oldest person to go to school in grade school at the age of 84 years old. If you think about that age most people would give-up and wait for the time to died and perish but not this person. Watching him in the youtube you can see that his is really really a grandfather status. But his heart is full of hungry to learn and press-on in life. Now history has changed that grandfather without education can go to school and learn because education is really important anyone can steal , lie and cheat without education.



1.) Think about in the past the dreams that you never press-on? Did it die because you are not taking massive action? Did it die because you surrender ?Did it die because of failure? What is your dream in life?



I read a passage that a man who never dream of living dies because dreams are made of awaken the gaints of our soul with in us. Everybody has a dream but are we taking massive action ? Do we still press-on even when negative sabotage our dreams ? You have a big dream! I have a big dream. Everybody has a dream.


Why do we give up easily ?Why we cannot press-on ?The answer is we don’t have the boldness to face the reality. We never achieved because our self communication is poor.  We need to realized that our life on this plant are just doesn’t in the wind. Why lived a life of defeat while we are born to be the champion of Christ.


I believed we failed to follow the blue print of Jesus Christ. The bible is the answer to all the situation but the reality we have forsaken the commandment of Jesus. We read but never practice. We read but never taken action to addon and addon each single days of our life. We are defeated because the lie of satan has dwell and corrupted our soul.


I know most people die with the dreams that die with in them for they are not bold to press-on to follow Jesus calling in their life.


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