God will bestow power to the righteous people

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In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people.


The Lord O Mighty will send thunder of spirit to the people who belongs to him. The Holy Spirit communicate when you are living a rightouse life. In the last day wickedness will rapitly continue as darkness march to the gate of hell. But the Might power of the Lord is greatly at work to restore his people into lightness. But many also will fail to accept the holy spirit for they lived in darkness and cannot see the pathway in the Lord.  The people who seek Gods Glory will find and win the battle as the holy spirit will continue to guide us in our daily life.


Wickedness is easy for it is easy to follow. The deception world always manipulate to stop seeking Gods kingdom but wordly kingdom. From the beginning good and evil is always at a battle field and even todays generatation it has never stop. The narrow gate is hard and only few finds it because it need dedication to lived 

Act 2 verse:17

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