8 Reasons why kids are addicted to online games ?

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1.)Luck of parents of time management to spend time with their kids. Parents are also busy using their mobile , ipad or pc inside the house. They are leader inside the house as a result kids follow their parents.

 2.) No time management to talk with the kids.

3.) Games are free and easy to install for kids. Plenty of brutal games are plugin online without parents permission the games they want to play.

4.) Games are cocain drugs results addiction for kids to never relax their eyes but to keep them playing all day long.

5.) Kids companion are just like them also addicted to games even they walk with their parents they are hook on the game's excitement.

6.) Luck of outdoor games to play basketball , tennis , soccer or any kind of sports to different their mind in physical.

7.) No brother or sister inside the house as the result the companion for them are the online games without anyone to disturb them only the busy parents.

8.) Kids tove to play online games it give them excitement and infinite entertainment without limits. This is dangerous because plenty of online games are satanic engagement. Example : chopping of head of the enemy , Shooting with guns in the head , cutting the hands of the enemy and so on. This are daily messages we giving to our kids the next generation how to lived their daily life.