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The path of righteousness in walking as a Christian

Reading in the Pslam verse i find great insight that when you fear the Lord you walk in the path of righteousness for the Lord Almighty here the prayer of his sheep. The more you read the bible with daily application the more you strengthen your spiritual power. I also find that when you spend solitude  time with the Lord God will speak into your heart.


Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you will not have trouble in life. But you have a big advantage when you walk the pathway of the light. No one will but his light at the buttom of the ground  because it will not shine instead we but our light above so the dark will see the light.

Walk with Jesus in the power of persistence’s.

The power of persistence says the person who continue to practice and never give up wins the battle field. I know it is true because I play tennis. I remember the day that I play tennis the score was 7-2 I make a big lead margin of the game. It was double an exhibition game yet the pressure was on  when our opponent was persistence’s in moving the score into 7-6. It was a big margin that I feel the pressure of defeat. To make the story short they score was tie break.  And with the power of persistence’s I was defeated and was shameful of my defeat.

Sometime is life we see hopeless situation but God works for the believer who know the power of persistence’s. This value is important as we walk maturity with Jesus Christ fellowship

Most family faces financial problem. Ask Jesus help today.

Sometimes we question God? Where is God? My problem are so big but Jesus is bigger than your problem. Most family faces financial problem. I have seen family broke down because of financial. I also seen churches on financial struggle. I have seen company on financial struggle. I have seen employe on financial struggle.

God is always in us we need a relationship with Jesus Christ. The more you walk with faith and obidiences the more you are moving closer relationship wit Jesus. Jesus is the answer of our problem. Yet are we willing to have a partnership with Jesus ?

We question God if our problem are not answered. It is the consquences of our wrong descesion making in life. One area that you need to be wise is choosing the right partner in life , choosing the right vacation , Choosing the right friends , choosing the right business partners.

If is always a question. But it is very important to be lead by the holy spirit. So i ask the holy spirit to lead me in my thoughts and action. In my writings and right desire. 


Speak this words of prayer holy spirit please lead me to the right pathway of life. Give me wisdom of righteouseness and keep me away from evil. Lead me to your calling. And provide the needs for my family food , shelter , security and a bright future. Be with me always. Help me to walk persistences and with self -control not to fall astray into sin. Make me your  servant and your ambassador.  In the king mighty jesus i pray amen.

Woe to this ruler who changed wickness into righteouseness and righteousness into wickness

I am sad to hear the law of the wicked in the United States is taking control into wickedness. Gay married are accepted  and become a celebration to the wicked people. The false ruler already taking dominium into distruction to hell.  Woe to this ruler who changed wickness into righteouseness and righteousness into wickness. The distruction of the Lord will hit United States like a roaring thunder and a great collapse  already happend in the spiritual world. We will see it in the physical world as people are becoming corrupted . The great deception of leadership is rapidly taking control in the United States. Many people are affected in the era of the wickness. 

In the spiritual world a great collapse happend but the worse thing is going  to happened in the physical world as we see in reality unexpectedly.

Human race are becoming more and more corrupted.

Time is moving rapidly as human race are becoming corrupted into wickedness. Most people don’t realized that hell is real moving their immortal spirit into woe without any escape. The more we sin the more we are separated and disconnected with the mighty creator.

Every seconds every soul are dying moving their immortal souls to the lake of fire of torture and destruction. The more we fall into appetite of sinful nature our immortal bodies are deposit to go down the lake of fire. Our body must lived to glorify God and to lived in holiness. The temple of the soul is our body the more we lived in holiness the more we are connected to the spirit of the Lord.