Jesus of KINGSJesus is loveJesus is your hope and savior

Lord Jesus control my negative tongue everyday

Life is a troublemaker when our tongue talks like a snake without thinking. In the bible verse out of the heart the mouth speaks. Hatred and bitterness give toxic to our words. I remember when i was cooking fish one of the fish tale fall into the pit of the hole which is so very difficult to get. I feel overwhelmed and anger because i know the fact if i cannot get that tale of fish it will invite plenty of fly inside our house.

Bible law of making money start little make it big

Life is full of struggle especially your struggling to support your family. In the world standard big income is wonderful life to lived because you can supply all your needs and wants. The problem of big income using dishonest money is you are easily tempted to dwindles means spend money what you earn this is negative situation in your bank accounts.

Repent and ask Jesus in lived in your life today

When we have problem in our relationship we said to our self talk what the hell i am living for why just God that take me and let my die then go directly to heaven. If this wishes are real then going to heaven would be a easy to go. But heaven is a narrow road and the road of hell is wide. It said in the bible the road in heaven is narrow and only few find it. If we are so stubborn that we continue our evil ways then destruction is upon as the wrath of God will hunt as down.

Heal your broken family with love

Family disunity will increase in collapse relationship because the love of Jesus Christ in their life is gone away. We have listen thousands of family is broken away we ask our self why ? This is because satan is hear on the world to seek , steal and destroy our family. The cycle of hatred increase as the family the broken down more and more family will be broken also this is the law of exponets the power of 2 to the next power of 2.

Be contented in life God is with you

I ask my self how can i be content in what i have now when your wife just pressure you to increase your income. I feel down when suddenly she told me that your thinking big are useless because you have not yet increase but you just increase with with your big mouth. Then i pause and have silent time with my wife didn’t what to spend time with my family for awhile.

Worship the Lord every time you wake up

Early in the morning we start our task by giving our thanks to God the author of life. We must pray and communicate our desire and dreams to the Lord so He is show us the right path of life. Most of the time we are self centered  we start our own ways but God command us to worship him in every ways. So when i start in the morning i start listening to Christian music you can you spotify apps in your ipad or android mobile phone.